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Therapeutic Riding


What is Therapeutic Riding?

Therapeutic riding is teaching those with special needs how to ride and be around the horses. The riders get therapeutic benefits from being around and riding the horses. Horses are the only thing that can simulate what it feels like to walk. Benefits the rider gets from the horse is improved balance, core strength, increased flexibility, self-control, empathy, patience, ect, 



Riders must be able to mount a horse from the mounting block. This requires the rider to be able to stretch their left foot up approximately 2 feet and be able to swing their right leg over the back of the saddle.

Riders will also undergo an evaluation prior to their first lesson to ensure we can safely accommodate them. In some cases, we may require a doctor to sign off that riding is a safe activity for the individual. We follow PATH Intl. standards and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of our riders. 


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are a critical part of our therapeutic riding program as some riders may need up to 3 volunteers apiece dependent upon their abilities. If you are interested in volunteering please contact me below to be put on the list.