Lesson Horses



Penny is a 15 year old grade Paint mare with two beautiful blue eyes. She is very gentle and versatile. She can go from a loping lesson to a lesson with a small child. With the smaller kids, she is careful to trot slowly for them and won't trot for them until she gets the okay from me! She is such a smart and sweet girl! She has been one of my lesson horses for 3 years. She has been used in 4H and out on the trail. 



Sarah is a 18 year old grade Quarter horse mare who is only 14 hands tall. She is a hard-working gal that likes the more independent riders. She gets a little hesitant at times if she doesn't know what to do but its beneficial as a lesson horse because it teaches her riders how to become better leaders. She has been used in lesson program for a year and a half and was used at a dude ranch with her prior owner. 



Lacy is a 15 year old Quarter Horse. She is a natural when it comes to dealing with beginners which probably comes from the fact that she came from a dude ranch. This mare is versatile but is great at teaching riders to sit deep in their seat when slowing down because she likes to stop quick! 



Pete is the newest lesson horse. He is a sweet and honest 16 year old gelding. He was a mountain horse and used on a dude ranch before coming to us. He is not the most ambitious horse in the herd but is a great one to help the more timid riders build confidence.


LJ (Little John)

Little John is the biggest of the lesson horses at 16 Hands! He is a Tennessee Walker who is used mainly with our more advanced riders who can lope. Before being a lesson horse, he was used in field trials so he is as bombproof as they come. He also loves going fast and being out on trail rides.



Ole is our Norwegian Fjord and he is quite the character. He is mister personality and is always into everything. You have to keep an eye on him as he likes to untie himself. He is a great walk/trot horse as he is smooth to ride. 



17 year old gelding who is another retired dude ranch horse. This big guy is the largest of the lesson horses standing at 16.2 Hands. He is a gentle giant and is on the laid back side. He has large stride but a rocking horse lope.



16 Year Old gelding. He is a retired dude ranch horse. He is currently in training to become a lesson horse.



16 Year Old grade mare. Sweet mare who was used as young kid rodeo horse. Is currently in training with us to become a lesson horse.