Billing policies


 1. Prices

       a. Private lessons- $40 per lesson.

       b. Group lessons - $30 per rider per lesson.

             i. Whether a lesson is private or group, a lesson generally takes an hour

                  to an hour and a half.

2. Lessons must be prepaid for the following month by the 28th. 

       a. McCord Training accepts cash, checks, or paypal- 

       b. Statements or invoices won’t be e-mailed out unless requested by a 


       c. If lessons are not prepaid for the following month by the 28th then the  time slot becomes available for someone else.

  1. 3. Rider Cancellations - McCord Training does not issue credits for participants who have prepaid/reserved a lesson time and are absent due to sickness, vacation, etc. 

4. Late Arrivals- Riders arriving 20 minutes or more late will be treated the same as a rider cancellation- no credits issued and no lesson.

5. No Shows- Clients who do not show up for their lesson will not receive credit.

6. Credit will be given for any cancellations made by McCord Training due to weather or emergency related cancellations.