Barn Rules

1. Barn hours are 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Lesson clients visit by appointment only.

2. Speed Limit is 5 MPH when entering and exiting the property.

3. No driving past the barn unless authorized. Parking is to the north of the barn.

4. No Outside Dogs Allowed. Exceptions are certified companion or working therapy support animals, proof of certification/training must be provided and on file.

5. No Smoking.

6. No drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

7. No one is allowed in the pastures without instructor’s approval.

8. Do not feed the horses unless it’s your own or under instructor’s supervision.

9. Everyone MUST sign all required paperwork. This includes a liability release and emergency medical release in order to participate in ANY horse-related activity. 

10. Parents must provide supervision for their children when they are not involved in a lesson.  

11. No running or screaming. Be aware that horses can be easily scared.

12. We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of trailers, vehicles, or personal items on the property.

13. No climbing on arena rails, pasture gates, or hay bales.

14. Lessons take precedent. Boarders must relinquish use of indoor or outdoor arenas when lessons are/about to take place. In addition, boarders and their horses must keep their distance from those coming out for lessons.

15. Do not tie horses to round-pen, fence post, etc. Only tie horses to the hitching post or tie rings in arena.

16. All accidents must be reported.